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Over 45,000 niche IT consultants are lining up to work with Identify Recruiting to help them find roles with fortune 1000 companies across the nation – Here’s why.

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We know the industry, our recruiter tenure is more than three years above the industry average and they’ve grown to learn a lot about what you do in your roles. For that reason they can speak intelligently to your skills and the roles you’re being considered for.


Communication should be more than a once way street in fact, it should be a three way street in this situation. We help manage conversations from you to us to client so you’re never left in the dark. Building relationships is a major tenant of our service and frankly, you’re more than just a resume.


There’s a lot more than just your resume that makes you successful in your placements, that’s why we take the time to evaluate technical and soft skills like subject matter knowledge and communication skills to ensure the roles you’re placed in are ones where you can be both challenged and qualified.

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